tim tam choc pops …

what do kids like? the sweet stuff! so, for the little ones at cousin xavier’s 4th birthday,  i thought about making cake pops.  they are all the rage at the moment. i googled and found a recipe for a no-bake pop treat – woo hoo! and better yet, the recipe uses tim tams – the quintessential aussie biscuit!

1 packet tim tams
80g cream cheese softened
150g chocolate melts any flavour

1) crush the tim tams in the food processor.
2) add the cream cheese and pulse until mixture is smooth and comes together in a ball.
3) shape the mixture into balls and roll between your palms to shape.  (my mixture wasn’t holding its shape so i added crushed biscuits.)
4) put in the fridge for a short time.
5) to secure sticks for dipping, melt some of the chocolate melts and dip the end of your sticks in the chocolate and push into the firm mixture. return them to the fridge.
6) melt the remainder of chocolate and make sure it is completely smooth. holding the stick dip the balls into the melted chocolate, allow the excess to drip off and then place into a holder to set.   use blocks of styrofoam covered in plastic wrap.

i started to cover some of the pops in chocolate but i was running out of time!  so i improvised and got some m&m’s and used the melted chocolate to them in place on top of the pops.

i bought the lollipop sticks from spotlight.

these pops are ideal for kids – easy to eat and not messy.  and they’re cute and colourful.  big kids can have them too …

“there are four basic food groups:  milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles.” ~ author unknown


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