day 1 melbourne – dinner at d.o.c pizza and mozzarella bar …

it was always the plan, for tempting palates‘ friday night outing, to head to the ‘little italy’ of melbourne – aka carlton, an inner city suburb in melbourne.  our destination? d.o.c pizza and mozzarella bar, 295 drummond street, carlton.

thankfully we had a booking (party of 10+ please; read ‘girls night out’).  when we arrived the place was packed – outside, downstairs and upstairs.  it was friday night after all.  we were seated upstairs in a room that you could describe as minimalist.

d.o.c = denominazione d’origine controllata (controlled designation of origin) – a phrase used by various agricultural government bodies that set and oversee the standards of some italian foods, most significantly cheese and wine.

there are five sections in the menu – antipizza bar; d.o.c mozzarella bar; insalatone (salads); d.o.c pizza bar; dolci, formaggi, caffe e digestivi.

note: on the menu “attenzione – strictly no changes – no half/half pizzas – scusa”.

the first thing you notice (and how could you not) is that the waiting staff is predominantly male and italian.  a few of them have only been in australia for a couple of years so their accents are quite noticeable and mesmerizing.  they sure know how to lay on the charm.

anyways, we ummed and ahhed about the number of pizzas to order – the (ever so dreamy and charismatic) waiter suggested five.

the san daniele with san marzano tomato, d.o.p buffalo mozzarella and d.o.p san daniele prosciutto:

the speck with smoked prosciutto, fontina, wild mushroom and thyme:

the margherita with san marino tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil:

the tiger prawns with tomato, mozzarella, endive and fresh chilli:

the porcini with wild mushrooms, truffle oil and mozzarella in bianco with grated d.o.p pecorino:

a slice of each pizza was enough for us.  surprisingly i could have eaten more.  the bases were thin, crisp and chewy.  ingredients used were of high quality.  (if you like your pizzas packed with toppings then this isn’t your place.)  my favourite was the porcini pizza – the champion of the lot.

desserts followed …

the nutella calzoncino with vanilla bean ice cream.  sigh.  once you cut into it, the nutella oozes out.  eating this took me back to the days when i would eat spoonfuls of nutella straight from the jar.

the sweet pizza with belgian white chocolate and fresh strawberries and vanilla bean ice cream.  the chocolate was just so sweet.  perfect.

on our way out i asked one of the waiters for their business card as i plan to make a journal about this foodie trip.  i got the card and i was given a (free) shot glass of limoncello which i (and the waiter) promptly sculled.  it went down very smoothly thank you very much.

we did get a group shot with the waiters but i don’t have a copy of that photo yet.  i have however found a photo of the boys. ugly looking bunch aren’t they? ha! (p.s. the boy on the bike is the one that i had the limoncello with.  swoon.)

Left to right. Andrea Colosimo, Fabio Biscaldi, Stefano Figus, Mattia Di Palma, Nicholas Penna and Gabriele Belli.

photo courtesy of the age (photo – craig sillitoe)

for simple tasty authentic pizzas – d.o.c pizza and mozzarella bar – open 7 nights and fri, sat, sun lunch.

tempting palates’ overall rating score >> tempting palates

“pizza is like the entire food pyramid” ~ madeline oles


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