day 2 melbourne – queen victoria markets …

there’s nothing like starting the weekend off with a 15-20 min walk, in the rain, to the queen victoria market (513 elizabeth street).

when in melbourne it’s an absolute must to visit this place – even if you’ve been plenty of times before.  go for the atmosphere.  go for the spruiking.  go for the fresh produce.  go for the souvenirs.  go to people watch.  people from all walks of life are drawn to this place.

i don’t really need to say much about this place.  the pictures tell the story.

(note: there are no photos from the general merchandise stalls as some of the traders didn’t allow photographs.  a shame really because there were a lot of cheap and nasties (the goods, not the vendors) that i would have liked to have taken pictures of.)

the queen victoria market was officially opened on 20 march 1878 and is listed as an historic place by heritage victoria.  it’s the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere.  fact that i didn’t know – much of the land on which the market stands on was the site of melbourne’s first cemetery.

trading hours – tuesday 6am – 2pm; thursday 6am – 2pm; friday 6am – 5pm; saturday 6am – 3pm; sunday 9am – 4pm

go for the food.  that is all.

“we have reached maybe the perfect juncture of old and new: we have the technological abilities (read: modern refrigeration, appliances and online shopping) to achieve the maximum benefit–and enjoyment — from locally grown, fresh food …” ~ danielle crittenden


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