day 2 melbourne – lunch at hofbrauhaus …

guten tag! lunch today for the tempting palates group was going to be of the german kind.  i didn’t know what to expect because i’ve not had german food before (yes, i know, i need to get out more.)  we booked ahead for this meal.  there was no need to.  when we got there, there were a few empty tables.  it was 12.30 saturday afternoon – not long after it had opened for the day.

our table was upstairs …

that had the cool looking bar with the hanging steins.

speaking of steins, you have to get a stein of beer to go with your meal to make it a truly german experience.  well, so i was told.  i’m not really that keen on beer unless it’s a shandy (beer + lemonade).  guess what? i ordered the radler beer which is, you guessed it, a german shandy.  i could have just slapped myself silly and broken out into a jig of joy.

yeah, what the sign says.

i was in the mood for something light so i, along with my cousin, ordered the weisswurst – a pair of traditional boiled bavarian veal sausages served in it’s own broth, with a side of warm pretzel and sweet mustard.

i was venturing into unknown territory here as i’ve not had boiled sausages before. (gee, i really do need to get out, don’t i?).  it was tasty.  and the pretzel with the mustard and butter – yum.  i didn’t finish the dish though.  not because it wasn’t delicious.  i was full.

the others had a variety of dishes >>>

kasespatzle – house made german egg noodles, baked with herbs, spinach and swiss cheese, served in iron pan:

knuspriger schweinbauch – oven roasted crispy pork belly on a bed of braised red cabbage served with apple compote and house made bread dumplings:

the hb feast platter – selection of pork knuckle, pork belly, sausages, schnitzel, served with sauerkraut, red cabbage, mashed potatoes, dumplings and natural pork jus:

calling all carnivores!  the feast platter is just what you need.  go your hardest on this one!

(one of the girls in the group said that was the best german food that she’s eaten outside of germany.  hahndorf are you listening?)

and, if you can believe this, we had room for dessert – although it was shared amongst us all.

topfen palantschinken – baked traditional austrian crepe filled with stroh rum, lemon zest and sultana infused ricotta cheese served with vanilla sauce:

the dessert had the right amount of sweetness and i loved the ricotta – being the italian that i am.

btw, where can i get me one of these? it would look so good in my house.  i don’t have to go hunting do i?  relax, i’m a lover not a hunter.

hofbrauhaus, established in 1968, is the only german restaurant the city (18-28 market lane).  they open from 12 noon til late everyday except on mondays.  what i didn’t know was that hofbrauhaus was damaged by fire almost a year ago.  the damage was in the order of $500,000.  it looks like it has recovered remarkably well.

guten appetit!  einen schonen tag allerseits. (enjoy your meal!  have a nice day.)

tempting palates’ overall rating score >> tempting palates

“eating in germany is easy, because there is basically only one kind of food, called the ‘wurst’.” ~ dave barry


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