day 2 melbourne – afternoon tea at chuckle park …

one of the many good things about melbourne is its laneway culture.  backstreet alleys are filled with cafes, boutiques, bars and …

the odd hidden spot that one can stumble upon accidentally.  like we did.  it’s rue bebelons all over again!

we walked past this place.  then we went back.  this is chuckle park.  tucked away on 322 little collins street.

cute and cosy.

food and drinks are served from an american-style trailer that has an old school tv in it!

everywhere you looked there were little things that you made you smile.

we had tea and coffee and relaxed for a bit.

we checked out what was happening in the world.  gotta love technology.

chuckle park has paellas, salads and cheese platters.  the drinks range from mulled wine, beer and spirits.  they open 11am – 1am daily.

i leave you with a not_the_best_photo but take note, if you can, of what the trailer is called >>

“the appreciative smile, the chuckle, the soundless mirth, so important to the success of comedy, cannot be understood unless one sits among the audience and feels the warmth created by the quality of laughter that the audience takes home with it. ” ~ james thurber


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