day 3 melbourne – lunch at movida bar de tapas y vino …

to say that tempting palates were excited about this place was an understatement.  we were, after all, heading into two-hat territory.  let me introduce you to movida bar de tapas y vino, 1 hosier lane.

a lane littered with graffiti street art.

we couldn’t get a saturday night booking so it was to be a sunday lunch time ‘spanish feast’ for us.  (saturday night bookings have to be made 8-9 weeks in advance.  say what?)

we started with a jug of sangria, the fruity red wine, that one must have with spanish dishes.  great way to start.

the wine drinkers amongst us had the 2008 horizonte de exopto (tempranillo) from rioja, spain and the 2009 an2 (callet/montenegro/syrah) from mallorca, spain.  our waitress helped them to decide on the wine selection.  what did they think of the wine? “fantastic!”

we were served by a helpful and knowledgeable waitress that looked after us all afternoon.  good stuff.

first up was the complimentary bread with extra virgin olive oil.

movida offers you the choice of tapa and racion.  tapa are small individual pieces.  racion are plates to share amongst two or more people, or a larger dish for one.

that choice was taken away from us because – um – did i mention that our feast was to be a banquet of the 10 best dishes of the day? count them with me now >>

1 – anchoa (hand filleted cantabrian artisan anchovy on crouton with smoked tomato sorbet) – from the tapa menu

2 – croquetas de choco en su tinta (squid ink croqueta with cuttlefish) – from the tapa menu

at this point, my insides were smiling because i absolutely love seafood.

3 – bocadillo (sardine sandwich with compressed capsicum) – from the tapa menu

with this one, forget the taste – how cute do they look?

these 3 dishes we had in the first 10 minutes.  understandable as they were dishes to be eaten in a bite (or two).

4 – jamone (carrasco paletilla iberico de bellota, aged 24 months) …

served with pan catalan – from the racion menu

5 – caballa ahumado (house cold smoked spanish mackerel with pine nut gazpacho sorbet) – from the tapa menu

can you see the smoke?

6 – zanahoria (spiced honey and carrot salad with sheep’s milk yoghurt) – from the racion menu

7 – cecina (air-dried wagyu beef with poached egg and truffle foam) – from the racion menu

wow! this was a dish of deliciousity.  the chef is a genious for coming up with this one.

8 – pescado (oven roast snapper with catalan style braised ruby chard, pine nuts and raisins) – from the racion menu

9 – cordero al chilindron (pyrenees wet roast lamb breast with fino and paprika sauce) – from the tapa menu

yeah, my insides were high-fiving each other because lamb is the other favourite of mine.

10 – puerros (slow cooked baby leeks with butter and garlic) – from the racion menu

all i can say is omg … the taste buds were just dancing all over the place.

by the way, back to that mouth-watering cecina –

the ever-so-helpful waitress explained (and showed us) that we had to break the egg,

mix it in with the foam

and fold in the meat.

fact – in 2007 this dish was awarded ‘dish of the year’ by the age good food guide.

anyways, we made room for the postre (dessert).  i don’t know how.  with the help of our waitress, we decided on which ones we wanted.

churros – rich drinking chocolate and spanish doughnuts

flan con pestinos – crème caramel served with spicy sherry pstries

pan con chocolate – chocolate, bread and olive oil sorbet

this was spanish food at its best!  beautifully presented.  they were bite size works of art.  a journey into exquisiteness.  this was indeed a feast of epic proportions.  i can go on with the superlatives but i won’t – i think you get the gist of what i’m trying to say.

and the graffiti street art in the laneway adds to the overall dining experience.

hands down, my best food experience of the trip.

movida bar de tapas y vino – open every day from 12pm until 10pm with the exception of saturday where they close at 10.30pm

tempting palates’ overall rating score >> tempting palates

i cannot do this post justice if i don’t quote my all-time favourite artist:

“el mundo de hoy no tiene sentido, asi que por que deberia pintar cuadros que lo tuvieran?”  “today’s world doesn’t make any sense, so why should i paint pictures that do?” ~ pablo picasso

[did you know that picasso was baptized pablo diego josé francisco de paula juan nepomuceno maría de los remedios crispiniano de la santísima trinidad, a series of names honoring various saints and relatives.  added to these were ruiz and picasso, for his father and mother, respectively, as per spanish law.]  who knew?


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