eros ouzeri …

eros ouzeri, 277 rundle street in adelaide, is a greek restaurant that serves traditional and contemporary dishes.

(photo courtesy of eros ouzeri)

you can dine inside or dine alfresco style.

it was a friday night, after work, and i was catching up with a couple of friends.  the booking was for 6.30pm.  when i first arrived it wasn’t as busy as i thought they’d be.  fast forward an hour and the restaurant was a noisy hub of activity.

standard greek dishes are on the menu – dips, pita bread, feta, olives, moussaka, lamb souvlaki, grilled octopus, baklava and galataboureko. (i know all about galataboureko thanks to watching 5 seasons of acropolis now – a comedy show set in a melbourne greek cafe – it was hilarious.)  if you feel like sampling a bit of everything then you can order a banquet meal.

we ordered from the specials menu.  my friends both ordered the kleftiko – slow braised beef chuck, spiced chorizo, dodoni feta, seasonal vegetables and grecian herbs wrapped in golden filo pastry and served on a roasted salsa:

fact – kleftiko: literally meaning “in the style of the klephts”.  it is said that the klephts, bandits of the countryside who did not have flocks of their own, would steal lambs or goats and cook the meat in a sealed pit to avoid the smoke being seen.

i ordered the ‘psari tis imeras’ (the chef’s fish specialty of the day) – atlantic salmon, local prawns, yellow-fin whiting, gold band snapper and roe-off scallops in a saffron braised fennel tomato and parsnip broth:

beautiful dish – both visually and taste-wise.  bursting with flavours and well cooked.  (as i wasn’t given a spoon i was tempted, albeit briefly, to raise the plate to my lips and drink the broth.  my sense of decorum got the better of me.)

fine and contemporary dining at its best.

“i love being greek because when you shout ‘brother’ or ‘cousin’ in the streets everyone turns around.”


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