lickerish …

july’s tempting palates food club dinner was at the lickerish kitchen & bar – level 1, 26 semaphore road, semaphore (a seaside suburb of adelaide).

this place was chosen because it was featured in urbanspoon adelaide’s top ten ‘talk of the town‘ – a list of recently reviewed and blogged restaurants.

Lickerish on Urbanspoon

dinner was set for 8pm so it was a bit surprising to see an almost empty room when we walked in.  however it did pick up as the night wore on.  [when the place did get full, it was just a tad noisy.]

the group decided to have shared entrees but i decided to go it alone.  i already knew what i was having as i had a peek at the menu online (when lickerish was chosen as our next venue) but i did look at the menu anyway.   just in case it had changed.  not likely but one never knows.

i really really wanted to try this particular dish (that i chose) as it wasn’t your normal everyday run-of-the-mill dish.  and hey, it’s always good to venture outside the square and try new things.

i chose to have the octopus garden as a starter … oh my goodness …

a beautiful-to-look-at arrangement of marinated octopus tentacles, cucumber (curled), cherry tomatoes, edible leaves & flowers on top of an avocado and wasabi base.  what a way to start the meal.  a dish that had interesting flavours and different textures.  absolutely delish.

the rest of the group chose to have pizzas as their entrees …

italian – salami, prosciutto, olives, chilli, tomato and mozzarella –

fruits of the forest – shitake, enoki, oyster and swiss brown mushrooms, egg and parmesan –

l’il piggy – pork belly, spiced pumpkin roast shallots, woodside goat curd, baby spinach and apple –

what’s a dinner without drinks …

each of us had our own main courses.

i happily continued with the seafood theme.  beach pizza – fresh seafood, anchovies, crispy capers and green olive tapenade –

the others had …

black angus and brie burger with red onion jam, tomato and rocket –

sirloin of angus beef with a braised beef mushroom pie –

slow cooked beef cheek with brussel sprouts –

the fish of the day – mackerel with gnocchi –

home made herb gnocchi with baby vegetables, nut brown butter and shaved parmesan –

followed, as always, by shared desserts (which, according to some, were the saving grace of the dining experience as they said that their main courses were a bit on the ‘average’ side) …

antique mulberry clafoutis with vanilla ice cream –

rosemary pannacotta with citrus and honey –

chocolate mousse with macerated strawberries –

warm apple pie –

cinnamon poached tomatoes with cardamom ice-cream and chocolate soil –

i had a taste of them all and the chocolate mousse and the apple pie were my favourites.  good old fashioned classic sweets.  you can’t go wrong with those.  a case of keeping it simple because simple is good?

the place has a warm inviting feel to it with a cosy relaxed atmosphere.

imagine dining and relaxing here on a warm summer’s day.  that is when you’ll definitely experience the benefit of having an upstairs room with a view of the sea.  bliss.

tempting palates’ overall rating score >> tempting palates

“live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” ~ ralph waldo emerson


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