jasmin …

tempting palates decided to go hot and spicy in august via the jasmin indian restaurant.  jasmin opened its doors in 1980 (still going strong) and is located at 31 hindmarsh square, adelaide cbd – basement style.

i was very much looking forward to eating at this place as i had heard so many good things about it from people who have dined here.  it is, after all, australia’s most awarded indian restaurant.

it is in adelaide’s top 10 restaurants as rated by urbanspoon >>

Jasmin Indian on Urbanspoon

and it is one of adelaide’s oldest and most successful family restaurants.

anyways, enough of the superlatives.

jasmin have an extensive wine list including a limited number of aged wines from their own cellar.

amongst the table of eight two of us had our own entrees and main meals whilst the rest decided to chance it with the banquet.

the individual entrees were cheese naan bread –

and the mixed entree –

the mixed entree was mine.  i got to have a bit of everything > prawn pakora, samosa, fish tikka and vegetable pakora.  if i was made to choose, the vegetable pakora was the best thing on the plate.

the rest of the group had:

vegetable pakoras –

fish tikkas –

tandoori mushrooms –

samosas –

chicken tikkas –

thankfully we were given time to digest the entrees before the mains came out.

the individual mains were butter chicken –

and tandoori lamb –

accompanied with some tarka dhal (lentils in thick gravy flavoured with onion, ginger and garlic) –

the lamb tandoori didn’t look appetizing but looks can deceive.  it was tender and easy to eat off the bone.  it was a messy experience but delicious nevertheless.  the tarka dhal on the other hand was not to my liking.  this wasn’t a reflection of jasmin.  i just don’t like beans/legumes/pulses – call it what you like.  in all fairness, i did try the dhal and it simply reaffirmed my hatred for that food group.  maybe one day i’ll learn to love them …

the two of us did well to finish –

the rest of the group had:

prawn sambal –

alu ghobi –

butter chicken –

chicken tindaloo –

(there’s a reason why the serving of the tindaloo wasn’t as much as the others.  to say that the tindaloo (a hotter version of vindaloo) was hot would be a massive understatement.  having witnessed everyone’s reaction to the tindaloo (and being very afraid of the impending hotness), i sampled a mere morsel.  oh gosh, if there was a jug of water nearby i would have sculled the whole thing in seconds and asked for more!  if you’re game, try the tindaloo – but you have been warned.)

accompanied with:

rice –

tandoori baked naan bread –

along with raita and papadams –

we didn’t finish with dessert but we did think about it.

it was a good night with a great atmosphere.  a place packed with diners always adds to the atmosphere.  i did like looking at the array of signed cricket bats.  they’re on display for you to see as you make your way to the rest rooms.

if you like indian food i would highly recommend this place.  can one really say it’s authentic when one has never tasted the real thing in the country of origin? i can however say that it’s one of the best indian cuisines that i have eaten so far.

tempting palates’ overall rating score >> tempting palates

“indian food is like classical music raga – it takes time to build up to a crescendo.” ~ shobhaa de, superstar india – from incredible to unstoppable.


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