lizzey’s chocolate peanut butter balls …

as far as family favourites go, this recipe is right up there. it must be the chocolate and peanut butter combination. it has to be. i’ve read that this combination could rule the world.

i made these for a family birthday on the weekend. happy birthday cousin sam.  i can’t say where i got this recipe from because i don’t honestly remember. google tells me that this recipe is featured on a number of websites.

4 cups rice bubbles
1 pack (500g) soft icing mixture
375g peanut butter
250g butter
375g dark cooking chocolate
75g copha

preparation – 1 hour

1) place rice bubbles and soft icing mixture into a large bowl and mix together.

2) place butter and peanut butter into a glass microwave bowl and microwave until melted; mix together with the dry ingredients until mixed well.

3) form into small balls and place in fridge to set.

4) line 2 large baking trays with foil.
5) melt chocolate and copha in a double boiler.

6) dip the peanut butter in the chocolate/copha mix until coated; place on foil trays and refrigerate until set.

coating the peanut butter can be a messy process! on this occasion i used a fork to fish the balls out of the chocolate mixture.  on previous occasions i have used skewers and toothpicks.

note: with this recipe i made 50 chocolate peanut butter balls.

wickedly_delicious and

“why shouldn’t i be introspective? we don’t make sense.”  neither do chocolate and peanut butter, but it somehow works.” he says “somehow the mixture of two things is genius.” ~ simone elkeles, return to paradise


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