nghi ngan quan …

dinner was booked for 7pm friday and tempting palates decided to go vietnamese.  nghi ngan quan (i have no idea about the pronunciation of the name), 1-5/34 wright street, is located in the suburb of ferryden park – a north western suburb 9km from the cbd. another eatery tucked away in the back streets of adelaide. [the name ‘ferryden was derived from the seaport village on the fringe of montrose, scotland.]

Nghi Ngan Quan on Urbanspoon

it took a while to find a park. you may find yourselves having to park a fair distance away from the place. as i walked towards the restaurant  i didn’t think much of the outside facade. but as the saying goes, do not judge a book by its cover. (photo below courtesy of google street view.)

once inside, there were people everywhere. and there was a queue. thankfully we had a booking.

nghi ngan quan has an extensive menu. 7 of us decided to share which gave us the opportunity to sample various dishes. 2 decided to go it alone.

we started with the sugar cane prawns (self making rolls) –

well, didn’t we have fun making these! i made 2 and let’s just say that i need a bit more practice. they give you lots of rice paper because you can tear the paper after it’s been dipped in water. the best way to make the rolls is to quickly dip the paper in the water. you also have to make sure, as you roll and tuck in the sides, that you don’t do it too tight otherwise the paper will split. excuse the blurry photo – doesn’t look appetizing, does it?

vietnamese salad with prawns, jellyfish and lotus rhizome –

the jellyfish, which i approached with extreme caution and eyed with a bit of trepidation, was actually ok. and the lotus rhizome, i discovered, is a root vegetable.

slow cooked marinated duck with ginger –

hot pot rice – served with chinese sausage and chicken –

combination vegetables –

salt & pepper prawns –

curried lemongrass and chilli chicken –

the 2 who chose not to have shared dishes had prawn cold rolls as their entree –

and chicken in satay sauce as their main –

it’s always good to try something new and to venture out to a local suburban eatery. they just might surprise you. at nghi ngan quan, you get authentic vietnamese food for a good price. i highly recommend this place (who were voted the best community restaurant at the 2009 food awards). booking is essential.

tempting palates’ overall rating score >> tempting palates

i leave you with a clue about our next dining experience.

“the history of vietnam lies in this bowl, for it is in hanoi, the vietnamese heart, that phở was born, a combination of the rice noodles that predominated after a thousand years of chinese occupation and the taste for beef the vietnamese acquired under the french, who turned their cows away from ploughs and into bifteck and pot-au-feu. the name of their national soup is pronounced like this french word for fire …” ~ camilla gibb, the beauty of humanity movement


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