berry and meringue ice cream slice …

this week’s recipe comes from the december 2012/january 2013 issue of delicious. it’s the cover photo that made me buy the magazine. (the bonus is that there is also a section called ‘valli little’s italian christmas’. can’t wait to try those recipes).

the cover recipe can be found in the section called ‘cool change’.  it is one of  bill granger’s summertime recipes.

i made this early on sunday morning. it took absolutely no time to prepare. the only thing i did differently was that i used a frozen berry mix because my local store didn’t have any fresh berries. when i make this slice again, i’ll be sure to use fresh berries.

350g mixed berries (such as raspberries, strawberries and redcurrants), halved if large, plus extra to serve
600ml thickened cream
2 tablespoons caster sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
50g store-bought mini meringues, broken into chunks
honey to serve

1) grease a 1.5l loaf pan. line with plastic wrap, leaving plenty overhanging.
2) drop some berries into the loaf pan (these will be the top of the slice).
3) whip cream with sugar and vanilla to just before soft peaks, then fold in meringue and remaining berries.
4) pour into pan, giving it a shake to remove any air bubbles, then cover with overhanging plastic wrap.
5) freeze for 3 hours or until frozen.
6) remove from freezer 20 minutes before serving. pile extra berries on top and drizzle with honey, then slice and serve.

serves 8 – 10.

it’s the perfect dish for a hot (aussie) summer christmas!

“i want everyone to throw sugar and cream at each other, then lie about it. i want to attend an ice cream antisocial.” ~ benson bruno, evergreens are prudish


4 responses to “berry and meringue ice cream slice …

  1. Thank You for this wonderful recipe, i made this for a dinner party I had to go too and even before it was fully defrosted some of the male guests were getting into the desert with spoons even before the plates were down, voted the best desert for the evening, even over the summer pudding;

  2. Made this for a couple of Christmas parties & it was a hit. So simple yet a great dessert. Some liqueur such as Cointreau sprinkled over the berries gives it added interest. Have had so many requests for this recipe. Well done Delicious for this issue.

  3. Joyce, great idea to add liqueur to this recipe. I might just do that when I make this slice again :)

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