the abyssinian …

last month the tempting palates group ventured out to 126 henley beach road at torrensville (2km west of the adelaide cbd) to wine and dine ethiopian style at a restaurant called abyssinian.

Abyssinian on Urbanspoon

ethiopian cuisine is all about breads, stews, grains and spices. and not using utensils.

because it was a friday night and i was observing lent in the lead up to easter (which means no meat on fridays) i chose the seafood dish – marinara tibs – a mix of mussels, cuttlefish, squid, clams and shrimp sauteed in five spices. i love seafood so i had no complaints about the dish. the bonus was the bread. injera bread. a sourdough type flat bread. whilst a few in the group didn’t like the taste of the injera bread i actually liked it.

injera bread is part of every meal. the bread serves as a ‘scoop’ for the food. you break off pieces of the injera bread and use it to scoop up the mains. yep, you are encouraged to eat with your hands. an interesting experience to say the least.

one of the others in the group was on a gluten free eating plan so she chose not to partake in the banquet and had a lamb dish. she was able to have the bread as the injera bread is made from teff flour which is a gluten free flour.

the rest of the group decided to share the dishes and had a mix of meat and vegetable dishes.

one thing i do have to say about abyssinian is that the service is very laid back – i.e. slow :)

the decor of the place is nothing to write home about. and then there’s the fluoro lighting – inside and outside. kinda adds to the experience.

if you’re after a casual dining experience and cheap meals (it is good value for money) with authentic flavours and you don’t mind waiting then the abyssinian is the place for you. i’d like to go back to try the meat and vegetarian dishes that i missed out on (and to have more of that yummy bread!).

“eat when the food is ready; speak when the time is right” ~ ethiopian proverb


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