gluten free lemonade scones …

a very basic quick mix recipe this week! we can’t be making fancy shmancy picture perfect desserts all the time.

i think the last time i made scones was when i did home economics in high school! and i’m pretty certain i would’ve used more ingredients than what this recipe calls for.


3 cups gluten free self raising flour

250ml thickened cream

250ml lemonade

extra gluten free self raising flour
2 tablespoons milk

1) preheat oven to 220c.
2) combine all ingredients using a butter knife, cutting through the mixture until just combined.

3) knead dough with palms until smooth, but do not over knead. (the dough was a bit sticky so i added more flour until i got the consistency that i wanted.)

4) use a floured rolling pin and roll out dough until about 2cm thick.
5) dip a round scone cutter in flour and cut out scones.
6) place on baking tray and brush tops with milk.

7) bake for 10 to 15 minutes or until golden brown.

the scones didn’t rise as much as i thought they would but they still tasted delicious. and i would make them again.

two words >> soft. fluffy.

you cannot fail with this recipe. if you do, well then i have no words for you.

the scones are best eaten whilst they’re still warm.

“i was in the lounge, i heard you drowning, i finished my tea and scones and came immediately!” ~ woody allen, ‘scoop’


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