dairy free and sugar free fruit cake …

this is the easiest cake you could possibly ever make. you can’t go wrong with this one. if you do, well then i have no words for you.

this fruit cake is healthy and nutritious – suitable for vegans and people with dairy or sugar intolerances. no eggs. no butter. nice!

a few years ago my mum did some volunteer work at the playford community food co-operative. [my mum was in small business, with my late dad, for nearly 25 years. after retiring what were they to do? volunteer of course :)]

the playford community co-operative supplies groceries items and food at low cost for those in the community who are in need of such services. my mum, along with the other volunteers, would do some baking and prepare meal packs with recipes.

anyways, the leader of the food co-op gave mum this recipe after finding out that mum had hypoglycemia which meant that she had low levels of blood sugar (glucose). mum has made this cake so many times and she has made it gluten free. this cake is surprisingly good for a cake with next to no ingredients. i decided to give this recipe a try.

1 1/4 cups self raising flour (i used gluten free flour)
2 1/4 cups mixed fruit

1 1/4 cups hot black tea (leave the tea bags to soak)

1) pour the hot tea (and the tea bags) over the fruit and let it stand overnight.

2) in the morning remove the tea bags, add the flour and mix until combined.

3) pour into a greased cake tin and bake at 160c until cooked.
i used a 12.5cm x 23cm loaf tin.

the cake is cooked if it springs back when lightly pressed in the middle and a skewer comes out clean.

the family tasted the cake a few hours after it was baked and it was just oh so yummy, sweet and soft. obviously the sweetness comes from the mixed fruit and the moistness from the tea.

psst .. i never used to like fruit cakes. and i know that fruit cakes get a bad rap.


maybe a slice and taste of this light moist cake might change a few minds …


“your friends are the fruit cake of your life – some are nutty, some are soaked in alcohol, some firm, some sweet but all together, great to have in your life.” ~ unknown


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