chocolate brownies with chickpea flour and hazelnuts …

initially i wasn’t going to have a recipe this week because i have been struck down by the flu. however on tuesday night, as the family were preparing to head out to celebrate my uncle’s birthday (i was staying home), i decided to help mum out.

earlier in the day she had asked me to look for a brownie recipe using chickpea flour (besan flour) so that she could make them for my uncle’s birthday celebrations.

i found a recipe (courtesy of let’s feast) and printed mum a copy. it wasn’t my intention to make the brownies but i found myself in mum’s kitchen. because she was busy doing other things i started to get the ingredients together and before i knew it i had the brownies in the oven …

150g butter
100g dark chocolate
3 eggs
200g granulated sugar
pinch salt
50g hazelnuts, toasted and chopped
80g chickpea flour
2-4 tablespoons cocoa powder

1) heat the oven to 175c. grease and line a 25 x 23cm shallow baking tin.
2) melt the butter and chocolate over a double boiler or gently in the microwave, whatever works for you.  let it cool down for a little.
3) whisk the eggs and sugar until light and fluffy.
4) pour in the butter mixture and stir well.
5) add a pinch of salt and the hazelnuts.
6) sift the chickpea flour with the cocoa and fold through the mixture.
7) pour the batter into the prepared tin and bake for 25 minutes, check with a toothpick to make sure it’s cooked through.
8) leave to cool in the tin before removing and cutting into squares.
9) dust with icing sugar if you like.

you know what? you can’t taste the chickpea flour. bonus. those that know me well know that i have an aversion to chickpeas. i absolutely hate chickpeas – in any form! the fact that i like the brownies will not change this fact.

anyways, you do get the fudge-like texture of a ‘normal’ brownie. and most importantly, they are yummy!

by the way, chickpea flour is very high in protein – super healthy!

later that night mum sent me a text message telling me that “the brownies were a hit. this is a recipe to keep.” nice to know :)

“and when all of the flourless chocolate cakes & chocolate mousse or ganache cakes have come and gone, there will still be nothing like a fudgy brownie, dry & crackled on top, moist & dense within, with a glass of cold milk.” ~ richard sax


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