gluten free gnocchi – nonna style …

those who know me will tell you that one of my favourite foods is my nonna’s (grandmother’s) gnocchi. gnocchi are small potato dumplings. for as long as i’ve known nonna she’s always made the best gnocchi. and they’re not the easiest things to make.

fyi, banana caramel pie is my other favourite food.

anyways, i decided to make gluten free gnocchi when i found out that nonna was coming to my house for the day. i planned an activity for the two of us that would be ‘fun’. ha! the plan was for nonna to give me the instructions and supervise whilst i cooked, kneaded and gnocchi’d :) didn’t quite turn out that way.

i started by boiling 2 kg of potatoes (boiled whole and with their jackets on).

once they were boiled, nonna and i peeled the potatoes almost immediately. it’s easier to mash the potatoes whilst they’re a little bit hot. well, that’s what nonna said. who am i to argue with an expert?

a potato ricer is the best thing to use for mashing but you can mash the potatoes by hand.

once the potatoes were all mashed, we added 3 eggs and a mix of gluten free all purpose plain flour and gluten free self raising flour.

this is when nonna took over. she kneaded and kneaded until the dough was the right consistency (i.e. could be rolled into a ball). bless her cotton socks!

it did take a while for nonna to get the dough ready. poor nonna. she did tire at the end. and i don’t think she was a fan of the gluten free flour. she did say “maria, next time we make macaroni with ‘real’ flour and your mum (who is gluten intolerant) can have something else!”

nonna told me that she was going to roll and cut and i was going to roll and make. ok, nonna whatever you say :) nonna rolled the dough into ‘ropes’ and cut them into smaller pieces. they looked like little pillows.

i grabbed the pillows, rolled them onto a gnocchi board and placed them on oven trays.

the potato ricer and the gnocchi board makes making gnocchi that little bit easier.

we made 4 oven trays filled with gnocchi. enough to have some that night and the rest to be frozen. not bad for a day’s work!

there is nothing like having fresh gnocchi with home made sauce …

my nephew jake had his gnocchi with vegetables. each to their own ;)

good job nonna – love your style! not bad for an almost-90 year old. love you nonna angelina x

“if god had intended us to follow recipes, he wouldn’t have given us grandmothers.” ~ linda henley


2 responses to “gluten free gnocchi – nonna style …

  1. that is so awesome to have this memory with your Nonna. Now for the not so blessed in the intellects, what do you do with them when they are on the oven tray? do you let them dry a little then boil them …??? and how long do you cook them for ?

    • Hi Sammi :)

      Very good questions!

      Leave the gnocchi on the tray until they’re dry. If you don’t intend to cook them straight away, then they can be put in the freezer.

      When it comes to cooking the gnocchi – it’s easy to tell when they are cooked. When the gnocchi rise to the top of the water they are usually cooked. Try one and see if it is to your liking. They may need more boiling time – usually only another 2 – 3 minutes.

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