assaggio ristorante …

assaggio ristorante,  located on the trendy strip that is king william road, has been around since 2005. so it’s taken me 8 years to get there – thanks to tempting palates.

(photo from website)

assaggio had quite a reputation so it was to be interesting to see if our food experience lived up to that reputation. as the name would suggest, assaggio (which means ‘to taste’) is all about italian cuisine. “each dish seeks to reveal the spirit of italy” says chef camillo crugnale. “assaggio is the essence of the style of cooking that i have been perfecting for 20 years.”

note: assaggio has both vegetarian and gluten free options and an extensive wine list.

our meal started off with complimentary bread and dipping oil. nice.

next came the entree. if there is seafood on the menu, nine times out of ten i will pick it. i chose a seafood dish for my entree – char grilled calamari (squid). this was melt in your mouth quality.

after our entrees, we were given complimentary sorbet palate cleaners.

well this was a first for me. apparently palate cleansers are used in the middle of a meal to remove lingering flavors from the mouth so that the next course can be enjoyed with a fresh perspective. yes, good idea :)

for my main meal i chose the chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto. thankfully the chicken was very tender. and i loved the crispiness of the prosciutto.

they sure know how to make good looking food …

the meal was finished with desserts and cheeses.

bravo chef crugnale, bravo.

this was fine dining at its best. the service was friendly and excellent. the food and wine was good value for money. we left happy and satisfied. tempting palates would definitely recommend this place. if not for the food & wine then for the quirky dinnerware ;)

Assaggio Ristorante on Urbanspoon

“mangiare per vivere e non vivere per mangiare”
“eat to live and not live to eat” ~ italian proverb


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